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Work is changing. We're living longer, pursuing multiple careers and seeking meaning at work, so how might a company help its people design their lives around where they are headed while also building an engaged, creative and productive workforce? This is Life Design, the 2-day workshop for employees, born out of Google and now ready for organisations everywhere. 

Impact of Life Design at work


Deeper Engagement & Goal Clarity

With a sense of direction for where they want to be in the future, people at work become 40% more engaged in what they are hired to do now.

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Increased Motivation & Productivity

When people can contextualize their learning at work, they know why they are doing their jobs and motivation to do tasks fast and well increases. 

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Longterm Satisfaction & Rentention

When people at work feel like they are progressing with new projects, new skills and timely guidance from managers, they stick around longer. 

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What they think

Life Design offered us a unique methodology to deepen employee engagement by aligning each persons’ personal mission with our company’s vision.
— Sophia J, L&D Lead SoundCloud, Berlin
This workshop has helped me craft my personal career path, connect the dots that matter for me as well as strategically assist my team with their career aspirations.
— Maria M, Program Manager, Google Madrid

The Team

  Sameer Rawjee    

Sameer Rawjee


  Caro Schulz    

Caro Schulz


  Mariolein Van der Plas    

Mariolein Van der Plas


  Lwazi Mangwana

Lwazi Mangwana


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