An Introduction to Life Design at Work

The new class on human purpose at work. Undoubtedly we will all have multiple careers and live much longer than previous generations - but how do we really make decisions for the long-run and how do we really answer the question "What do I do with my life?"

This course is about learning how to connect the dots between your passions, talents and values to craft a mission and vision that is most meaningful for you and through which you can make a great impact on others. You will learn how the principles borrowed from design can help you prototype your life and make big decisions more quickly that help you at work and beyond. 

Questions like "what role should I apply to next," "which team is right for me," and "What skills do I want to grow?" become incredibly easy when we have an idea of the bigger picture.

The Learning Experience

In this interactive class you will connect with other peers at work that have similar interests as you and different ideas about how they would like to design their lives. The class allows you to express thoughts about what really matters for you and how to bring that into your everyday work. 

What you'll learn

  • How to think at 50 000 feet
  • The art of crafting great decisions for career, education and life
  • How your company can become the school for your mission
  • How to use your existing job for the next big thing
  • How human potential works when you're in your element
  • Mindfulness for Life Design

What happens after the class

  • We give you the tools and resources to continue prototyping after the class
  • You will form a community of peers that you can connect with more personally and share the journey with at work everyday. 
  • You will have a way of communicating your growth trajectory with your manager and an understanding of what really matters for you.